Sage Earth Studio

Sarah Machtey is an artist and natural builder currently living and working in the southeast corner of Vermont.

Images of Works

Polymer Clay

The creation of Sarah’s original sculptural polymer clay work, from wearables to displayables, combines artistic and technical craft, careful and time-consuming attention to detail, and many original techniques.

Steampunk Exhibit Items

Some of Sarah’s items that were shown in the Steampunk Exhibit at Gallery At The Vault in Springfield, Vermont. Upcycled materials include aluminum drink-can tabs, embossed & antiqued scrap sheet copper, embossed drink-can aluminum, and plarn (from plastic bags).


"I draw most of my inspiration from nature. Some comes from the behavior of the materials as I work with them. There is also my love of containers, secret compartments, and multi-use objects… things that are more than they appear to be… which can come into direct conflict with my desire for my artwork to be self-explanatory…"

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